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The Oilmen



Former environmental activist Suzanne Harper and her nonprofit, Earthcare, have been framed for killing an influential lobbyist for the oil industry and dozens of bystanders. Her husband, George Harper, investigates, using skills honed in the military and at the NSA.

George convinces Chetan Maka – a member of the Lakota Nation who has risen to the position of Chief Investigator of the Oakland Fire Department – of Suzanne’s innocence. Breadcrumbs lead to an international conglomerate of fossil fuel titans.

As they begin to unmask the group members, George and Chetan discover that they are mere pawns controlled by a seemingly invisible leader, whose identity remains unknown except by the moniker “the Benefactor.”


Only the Benefactor’s plans do not end with framing Suzanne and Earthcare. Chetan and George race to prevent a tragedy that could change the world forever…


"This book was extremely well-written, filled with lots of great background research, very relevant in the world we live in, terrific plot line, and quite a page turner! Very suspenseful and a fast read! I highly recommend it!"

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