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Sleep on it?

Some people say – just sleep on it. You’ll figure it out. But what if you figure out it in the

middle of the night? Should you actually wake up and write down your thought – at 3:00 am?

Well, I say yes. If you don’t, then you risk the embarrassing morning self-doubt where you

recall a tidbit but not the heart of your world-changing early morning discovery.

Scientific researchers have discovered that the brain is most creative during and immediately

after sleep. The most analytical parts of the brain become more active. A study reported in the

March 2013 edition of Journal of Neurophysiology compared morning and evening MRI scans.

It observed that the morning scans displayed more connections to the brain that are important to

the creative process.

So, don’t worry about going to your home office in the middle of the night after awakening with

that significant thought. Get up, write it down and then go back to sleep. For starters, you’ll be

surprised at the clarity of what you discovered. And, you’ll actually sleep better when you return

to your bed. If you don’t, you’ll just toss and turn anyway.

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